Hello, I’m Steve, an independent Fabrication designer professional based in Oklahoma City. Find me on Instagram, , Pinterest   and Facebook. See ya around on the internet!

After working in the marine and industrial trades since 1972, I have cultivated the experience and knowledge which have made me successful in my field. No matter the project, I can see something old and turn it into a masterpiece. What some people may see as an old piece of metal or aluminum, I see as a beautiful work of art.

But when it comes to this kind of work, it takes more than just skill — it also takes a great deal of creativity. Creativity is something that I have managed to include in all of my projects and you can tell by the masterful work I have created over the years.

I can restore toys, benches, cars, fences, signs — you name it! Not only am I creative with my projects, I also use creativity when it comes to offering solutions that are cost effective which is what makes my products and services so affordable without sacrificing quality.