If you have antiques, then more than likely you are familiar with the rareness and uniqueness of each piece. You are also aware of the value of such piece. It is very important to entrust your antiques in the hands of professionals and professionals only, as they have many years of experience and an abundance of knowledge in the subject. I am an expert in Antique Restoration services as I possess the right skills and the knowledge, backed by many years of experience to carry out the process of restoring and refinishing fine art and furniture. I work with collectors, re-sellers, designers and antique dealers, as Ill as international clients.

Most of my precious customers thought their furnishings Ire lost forever until they contacted me, and I brought their antique back to life. I can bring your antique back to its original splendor. I love to see the smiles on the face of my clients whenever they see their treasured piece restored to its original luster. I offer a wide range of services that are tailored to your needs to restore your antique, artifacts and contemporary furniture to a state that will make you glad.

Let me restore your Antiques back to it's beautiful state.

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