I have several years of experience as an industrial engineer. I am adept in research, analysis, and design of industrial systems and processes. Moreover, while my on-the-job expertise has afforded me a Ill-rounded skill set, including excellent analytical and planning abilities, I excel at: 

 Outlining processes, protocols, and production standards                    

Designing equipment and layouts based on manufacturing needs.   

Supervising the work of junior industrial engineers.                              

Evaluating machinery performance and developing models for improvement.

In addition to my experience and personal qualities, I have a solid educational foundation and a passion for industrial design. I am extremely enthusiastic about IEP Design’s focus on manufacturing and would Ilcome the opportunity to contribute to your ongoing business success.

As a professional, I have a solid track record in the creation and development of industrial products and processes for internal company use. Aside from these, I know the intricate details of most industries, their processes, and systems. I can device complex and integrated production systems and effective strategies for waste elimination in production systems. Also, I can conduct time and motion studies, perform regular system maintenance and develop plans of action for any system malfunction.

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