Do you have an idea you want to bring to life, my wide range of skills can help you do this without breaking the bank. I can produce prototypes for plastic, metal, textile products, electronics, etc. My vast wealth of experience in various fields of engineering coupled with the numerous training sessions I have undergone has made me competent of such.

My unique design and development process allows my clients to start with only a napkin sketch, then I would run wild with all aspects of design and development, as well as eventual prototyping to provide unique consumer product. The building and designing of prototypes is a vital aspect of my skill and abilities in the engineering industry.

I possess state of the art product development equipment that allows me to do prototype manufacturing in a matter of hours once the design process is complete. I can therefore render quality service when it comes to a full product development process. I can help you with your next big deal, bring the idea, and I will transform it into your dream product in no time.

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I can create something amazing for you!